from 8am to 11am (Monday to Friday)


from 11am to 2.30pm (Monday to Friday)

Saturday Brunch

(Le Frunche)

from 9am to 2pm

(separate menu)


  Sweet Crêpes

Crêpe with fresh strawberries & jam


Crêpe with Nutella


Crêpe with homemade apple compote


Crêpe with sliced banana & chocolate


Crêpe Romanov   

Fresh strawberries, French goat cheese, honey & whipped cream


Crêpe Belle Hélène  

Preserved pear, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sliced roasted almonds


Crêpe Suzette  

With fresh squeezed orange juice, , brown sugar, flambéed with Grand-Marnier (15 minutes wait)

Crêpe La Fontaine 
With banana, strawberries, Nutella, Amaretto syrup & whipped cream

Crêpe Melba

With strawberries, vanilla ice-cream,sliced roasted almonds & whipped cream




Fruit Salad


Homemade Chocolate Mousse


add whipped cream or syrup


add ice cream


add banana

add strawberries $2.50




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