New Menu

New Menu
Minimum of 10 people

Cost per person (no tax): $ 15.99
Equipment / tableware rental and labor cost for service are not included in the above cost per person. Delivery fee will apply, tips not included.



- Roti de Boeuf au poivre : Oven baked  sliced Beef tenderloin in a red Bordeaux wine reduction with black pepper corn.

- Meat loaf Paris Café: homemade meatloaf stuffed with red peppers and hard boiled eggs.

- Roule a la viande: Stuffed steak,:  oven baked skirt steak stuffed with fresh spinach and feta or mozzarella cheese .

- Bavette a l’echalotte: Flank steaks with shallots in a light butter and red Bordeaux wine sauce.

- Poivrons et courgettes farcis: Stuffed bell peppers and Zucchini with ground beef, béchamel and shredded gruyere cheese.

- Boeuf Bourguignon : marinated beef served in a red Bordeaux sauce with carrots , mushrooms  and pearl onions



- Poulet Roti aux herbes: Herb roasted chicken: roasted chicken breast with fresh rosemary herbs,  olive oil and lemon dressing.

-Poulet basquaise: Chicken breast with sliced fresh bell peppers, onions  and tomato sauce with olive oil.

-Escalope de poulet Florentine: oven baked chicken breast stuffed with spinach  and Feta cheese in a white wine sauce.

-Poulet cordon bleu : oven baked chicken breast stuffed with ham, cheese  and béchamel sauce.

-Poulet a la Milanese: breaded chicken breast with our homemade marinara sauce.

-Poulet a l’estragon: roasted chicken breast with our fresh tarragon and white winesauce.

Steamed asparagus
Sautéed French green beans
Herb roasted potatoes.
Steamed potatoes with parsley.
Homemade mashed potatoes.
Roasted or sautéed fresh veggies.
Yellow rice with green peas.
Jasmin or parboiled rice.
Penne or rigatoni pasta.
House salad with homemade herb vinaigrette dressing

Moulin Rouge Salad with homemade fresh tarragon dressing


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